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Special Topics within the Coerver Coaching Method

Coerver® Coaching Special Topics Modules

Three hour modules include classroom and on-field instruction and written course curriculum. Specific topics can be tailored to the needs of the particular coaches/club. These modules can accommodate up to 50 coaches per session.

If you are interested in augmenting your club's coaching education with Coerver® Coaching Special Topic Clinics, email [email protected] for information.

Sample Topics:

·         Introduction to Coerver® Coaching Philosophy & Methodology

·         Coerver® Coaching: Implementing a Coerver® team training

·         Coerver® Coaching: Mastering the 1v1

·         Coerver® Coaching: Building a transition mindset

·         Coerver® Coaching: Building a team lexicon for attack and defense

·         Coerver® Coaching: Competitive shooting & finishing

·         Coerver® Coaching: Introduction to ball mastery & move sets

·         Coerver® Coaching: Improvisation, creativity, & combination play in the final third

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